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  • Make The Most From Your Google Ads Campaigns
  • Reduce Click Fraud

  • Block Non Buying Web Users From Seeing Your Ad
  • Record The Sessions Of The Visitors You Have Paid For To See What They Are Doing

Reduce Click Fraud on your Google Ads Account

SiteBam will identify clicks which are wasting your money, including your competitors clicks and block them from seeing your Google Ads.
This will lead to a higher ROI and less wasted ad spend.


Watch What the Website Visitors You Have Paid For Are Doing

Seeing as you are paying for these visitors to arrive on your site. Isin't it important that you can actually see what they are doing?
With SiteBam - you can. Playback their visit to your website, see where they are clicking and what they are looking at.
Everyone using Google Ads should be using this.


Stop Your Competitors Clicking on Your Ads

If your competitors are clicking on your ads then SiteBam will notice this and block those users from seeing your Ads on Google. If you are worried than a competitor is clicking on your ads and wasting your ad spand then SiteBam is essential for your business.

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