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SiteBam Privacy Policy


What Data does SiteBam Store?
When you register to use SiteBam you supply your name and company name (if applicable) a contact address and contact details such as email address and telephone number. These details are stored by RomanCart so that we can contact you if required. The details you provide may appear on your confirmation emails you send to your customers, so that they can contact you if required. You can change your details at any time using the SiteBam web control panel.

Data is stored on behalf of SiteBam users which may include ip addresses and other details of the visitors on the websites which are using these services. This data is held for up to 90 days. 

Our Email Policy
From time to time we may send you emails. These will contain information relating to SiteBam which we believe you would benefit from, and also essential information about SiteBam which you may need to know. We also send a renewal reminder email 3,2 and 1 month before expiry of your account. Another reminder is sent 7 days before expiry and an expiry notice is sent when the account has actually expired.

Upgrade Payment
SiteBam does not store or come into contact with your card details. We use PCI compliant third party payment providers for this purpose.

Business Transactions
In the event that SiteBam is the subject of a merger, takeover or other business transition, ownership of the information SiteBam holds may be transferred. In this instance you will be notified by a message on the web control panel and we will also attempt to contact you by email.

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