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SiteBam will show you exactly what your website visitors are doing after they click on your Google and Facebook ads. You can watch them on your site in real time and proactively start chatting with them to maximise your return on investment from your ads.
Our SEO Tools will help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. They show you what keywords you are targeting on your website and what your competitors are doing so you can check if you are missing anything. 
As well as session recording, SiteBam also gives you website chat, polls, funnels, heat maps, scroll maps and lots more.
Using SiteBam's Digital Marketing Tools you won't be guessing any more, you'll have the information you need to increase website conversions.


Find Expiring Domain Names

SiteBam lists thousands of expiring and recently available domain names, with links to purchase them.


Heat Maps, Scroll Maps, Funnels, Polls, Popups, Website Chat and Lots More

SiteBam will transform your understanding of what your website visitors are doing on your site and what they are looking for. As well as Digital Marketing Tools, you'll have the information you need to increase customer interaction on your site leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher profits.



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What A Find!
Since discovering SiteBam, we've been able to use it to improve the results for several of the main search terms we target, to the point that we've risen from the depths of Hades to Page 1 on Google within the space of a couple of months. Thank you SiteBam!

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SEO Tools - Increase Your Google Rank

SiteBam will show you how to increase the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines.

Google Position Tracking - Sitebam will monitor where you are ranking on Google and alert you if your rank changes.

Keyword Identification - Find out how many people are actually searching for your keywords and discover additional keywords you should be targetting.

Competitor Analysis - Analyse sites which rank above you in the search results and see how they did it.
NEW - Identify and Stop Click Fraud on your Google Ads - Learn More
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