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We've spent over £1m of our own money on PPC and are experts in getting the maximum ROI from PPC campaigns no matter what your budget.

If you're running your own PPC campaigns then you may be making simple mistakes which over time could cost you thousands.

We can manage your PPC campaigns on your behalf and make sure that they're as optimised as possible.

In addition, our tools will show you things that Google will never tell you, and automatically stop click fraud and unwanted people clicking on your ads.

Improve the ROI from PPC

Many merchants end up pouring money into PPC without fully understanding how it works and sometimes without being able to measure the results. For these businesses PPC becomes a black hole. The solution is to get PPC experts here at SiteBam to manage your PPC account on your behalf. You'll be able to see everything that we do and we'll work with you to increase your ROI form all your campaigns including display, search, google shopping and youtube.

Focus on Conversions

Google makes it really easy for you to run your campaign on clicks - but that's not what's best for your business. We focus only on getting the maximum number of conversions from the minimum amount of clicks. This involves identifying and improving well performing campaigns, ads and keywords and improving or stopping underperforming ones. It's an ongoing process that our experts will monitor and adjust for you.

PPC Tools

We have a comprehensive set of tools that we use (and you can use) which show you the best keywords to target, what your competitors are doing and how to improve all aspects of your internet marketing. For example our system can record the screens of people clicking on your ads and you can see what they actually did on your site and how long they stayed for. If you have a keyword that generates lots of clicks but people leave straight away, then you can easily see that and the keyword can be stopped or adjusted. Just this alone can save a huge amount of money in wasted clicks.

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